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June 09, 2008

Upgrade to Windows Installer 4.5 with the Free InstallAware 7 Update

I couldn't help notice that InstallAware is updating their product for full MSI 4.5 RTM ( Not Beta2 like another well known Installation Tools Vendor ) and they aren't even charging for the upgrade:

Below is the text of the announcement:

InstallAware is the first and only software installer to fully support Windows Installer 4.5. We're making this support available to you in less than 48 hours after Microsoft's release of the final version of Windows Installer 4.5. Download the free Windows Installer 4.5 update for InstallAware at Remember, this is a free update for all InstallAware users - trial or licensed.

Take a look at the new capabilities of InstallAware 7 with this free Windows Installer 4.5 Update:

"MSI Transaction" MSIcode Command: Add Windows Installer 4.5 functionality to your existing setup projects. Chain multiple setups together in a single atomic transaction. A failed setup, or an end-user abort, will roll-back the entire system to the state before installation began. This additional layer of security and reliability applies to all your chained setup packages - including complex application runtimes such as the Microsoft .NET Framework - thanks to new features in Windows Installer 4.5.

"Windows Installer 4.5" Application Runtime: Automatically install Windows Installer 4.5 on all supported platforms. Runtime installations can be complex, and MSI 4.5 is no exception. For instance, on Windows Vista, some hotfixes are required before MSI 4.5 can be installed - unfortunately they are not served automatically through Windows Update. Not to worry, because InstallAware seamlessly installs MSI 4.5 for you on all supported platforms, with a single click!

Unlike Windows Installer 4.0, MSI 4.5 is also supported on downlevel platforms such as Windows XP and Server 2003, so there is no excuse not to upgrade. Even if you are trying to install an MSI 4.5 package on an unsupported platform (such as Windows 98), InstallAware gracefully downgrades the package features and your installations will still succeed - even if you have chained multiple setup packages together.

Find out more about what makes InstallAware so good. As part of our Windows Installer 4.5 launch special, we'll give you an unconditional 20% discount when you purchase InstallAware by Friday the 13th:

using discount coupon MSI45. Your price is only $719 - this offer cannot be beat! What's better, the 20% discount applies to other extra's like floating licenses and 2 years maintenance, saving you up to $412!

Why suffer with former industry leading brands, or their copycat clones devoid of any innovation? InstallAware beats the competition every time in bringing you the latest technologies and updates, absolutely free of charge. Order now and you'll be well on your way to building reliable installers that are ready for tomorrow's technologies - today:

Don't delay - this Windows Installer 4.5 launch special is valid only until Friday.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions about this launch special - we always welcome your feedback.

Kind regards,

Candice Jones
Account Representative
InstallAware Software Corporation
336 Guerrero Street
San Francisco CA 94103-3332
415 839 5017


Anonymous said...

I am not a big fan about Acresso/InstallShield although I use it myself. Looking for alternatives InstallAware pops up like a potent rival to IS, but when I read the article at InstallSite about their theft of of ZeroGs website and the pathetic comments from InstallAwares representative I get discouraged.

Click here to read the article

Dan said...

How is InstallAware when it comes to integration with automated build systems? Does it have its own built in scripting engine like InstallShield's? I know for us these are important features.

Anonymous said...

"Why suffer with former industry leading brands, or their copycat clones devoid of any innovation?"

Wow. Just... wow. PR these days... Sounds like install aware is truly the second coming. Thank you.