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June 26, 2008

Three Reasons it's a Great Day

1) After nearly 70 years of silence, the Supreme Court of the United States of America has finally ruled that gun ownership is an INDIVIDUAL right and struck down the District of Columbia's ban on hand guns. Way back when I was in the United States Marine Corps, I lived in a row house in South East DC ... 6Th ward. I had bars and locks on all of my doors and windows and would routinely hear gun fire at night while working on my FidoNet BBS. I couldn't believe that as a trained marksman in the US Armed Services that I couldn't have a weapon in my very own home while all of the violent criminals in the nearby areas were packed to their teeth. Texan leaders played a huge roll in this case and to them I say THANK YOU. Everyday ( and today in particular ) is a great day to be a Texan.

2) Hyper-V is RTM!!!!! ( Of course this would happen as soon as I build my server. I hope it's an easy upgrade!) VMware should be afraid, very afraid.

3) After being out of service for two days, our HVAC is finally working. Whew, damn it's hot in Texas!

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