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October 08, 2009

Goodbye Acresso, We Hardly Knew Ye

I read the news today that Acresso is changing it's name to Flexera.

Huh? Why?

As if the makers of InstallShield hadn't already done enough damage to their brand, let's just go change names yet again!

BTW, Flexera is already taken by a company in the alternative energy market. Anyone want to take a guess which one of these companies actually stands a chance of being in a high growth market for the next ten years?


Bryan A said...


I noticed the same thing about the Flexera energy company!

Somebody needs to show that marketing executive how to use google

Jon Gillespie-Brown said...

They were forced to change again because they chose a name that was very similar to another tech company Agresso and therefore had copyright/trademark problems...along with all their other ones!

Looks like they need to be careful with name no.3 too...!

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Yan Sklyarenko said...

This surprised me, too.
Just wondering, what was wrong with Macrovision name?..

Philbert said...


Anonymous said...

there's the link to the news article for the reason for the name change

Dominic Haigh said...

It appears to be a company habit - they have changed their product names from time to time too, without fundamental underlying improvements.