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January 15, 2008

An Interesting Year Of Change To Come

Although I'm pretty savvy, I'm not really qualified to give financial advise. Still, I can't help but notice the pendulum swing that's happening and I advise everyone to seek knowledge and apply it to your own personal situation. It seems that change is in the air again ( as it always is ) and it smells like recession driven merger and consolidation. Just about every industry that I've been in is seeing a lot of activity in this area and a few minutes ago I found out that I've been `sold` once again. Just four months ago I was working for a privatly held company named Hart InterCivic who sold our Records Management group to a publicly traded company named Manaton who has just now been sold back to a private equity company named Thoma Cressy Bravo. This new company seems to be in the business of consolidating industries. The last company, Austin Information Systems / Overwatch Systems I worked at went through a similar transition ending up as part of Textron Systems. Before that I worked at Continental Airlines which has been part of the merger rumor mill with United Airlines and other suitors for years. Even before that at EDS there was always rumors that our group was going to be sold to CA, CSC or IBM.

Well, heads up and hang on! I hope it's a good year for all of us.

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