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June 24, 2010

IsWix Release Cake

I am writing this entry with a deep sense of contrition. I was supposed to have published it 6 weeks ago while Chris Painter was off in paradise. Instead, my wife gave birth to our first child and the last six weeks have been a blur. So without further ado:

In order to celebrate the launch of IsWiX, I was given the solemn responsibility of picking up the launch party’s cake. In order to ensure maximal embarrassment, I tricked Chris and his dev team into taking the thumbs up picture. They were told that the picture was going to go on the SharePoint site.

Long time readers of the blog have seen Chris wade into the murky depths of the Red vs. Blue installer argument. In order to highlight the sea change in his view of WiX, I had the cake decorated in red icing. The coup de gras being the “thumbs up” picture added to the cake with the text “WiX Rules #1”.

Of course this was a gentle poke in the ribs, but it also speaks volumes as to how we all should avoid getting too locked into a specific tool. We should always focus on the right tool for the right job. Chris came to this conclusion and with his efforts our organization is currently embracing a decentralized installation model.

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