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July 17, 2008

Virtual Brownbag - Installation Testing with Hyper-V

I've been giving a lot of informal brown bag presentations at work lately so I thought why not try to do it online? The size and quality of the video isn't really what I'm going for so I'll probably try to find a better hosting service and then relink the video at a future date.

This video discusses how to use Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V on inexpensive white-box hardware to provide a robust installation test environment. Future videos will show how this system can also provide all of the other services needed in a stand alone development environment.

The video is merely a capture of my desktop with voice overlay. Let's face it, what's going on in the presentation is what is important, not what the author looks like.

Note: Be sure to check out other videos on Hyper-V that You Tube suggests by clicking the icon in the lower right hand corner. Also, the video uploaded is small so here is a detailed screenshot of what the snapshot tree looks like (I suggest opening it in a new tab and referring to it):

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