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October 12, 2007

Exhausted from Cancer

Today was a very trying day that started with a call to 911 at 4am followed by 15 hours at a local hospital. I'm so mentally and physically exhausted right now that it's easier to just share my wife's perspective ( made possible by laptops and hospital WiFI ). My perspective would be too disturbing to post since I actually witnessed and responded to the seizure.

Early this morning we had a horrible scare. I had a grand mal seizure occur around 4:00 am. Chris was able to get me on my side, make sure I wasn't choking, and called the ambulance. All I remember is waking up to several paramedics in our room.
At this point, we are at Seton NW Hospital. They have already done an X-ray, CT scan to see if there was anything. They are planning to admit me for 1-2 days. During that time I'll have a spinal tap and an MRI done to see if there is anything happening in my brain. I will probably be put on anti-seizure medicine.

I am so grateful my in-laws are in town to help with the girls. My sister and Chris are with me right now. Please pray they find nothing in my brain, specifically no new tumours, and that this is just a 'fluke'.

I guess I should be grateful for the first aid / first responder training that I've had over the years. One of my personal hobbies is Scuba Diving and in the Rescue Diver and Nitrox courses we discussed handling O2 toxicity problems including grand mal seizures. I just never imagined that I'd be dealing with it on dry land while waking up from sleep.


Anonymous said...

Hope everything worked/works out for the best for you and yours.

Tim Owers said...

I do understand how you must be feeling, having had to resuscitate my wife more times than I care to remember. All you can do is carry on and bear your exhaustion well, knowing you are the lucky one.
I'm also due for a lumbar puncture and coloured dye MRI this Thursday, not nice but...
Although I cannot pray I know a lot of people who can and do, and will ask them put a word in with their boss.

ShadowWolf said...

That's pretty scary :-\

Sorry to hear about that.

Dan said...

Wow, Chris that is a load to carry. I do hope that the testing goes well and that you will find strength as the days wear on. Keep looking up and trust in God's divine plan. I will continue to pray for you and your family.