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May 23, 2007

InstallShield 2008 Released

I just received my InstallShield Maintenance Fulfillment notice via email. I'd love to say more but it's time to go download the real thing.

Press Release:

New Version of InstallShield Helps Tackle Complexity in Installing Programming Rich Software
Macrovision’s InstallShield 2008 Addresses New Installation Requirements For Windows Vista, Accelerating Product Time to Market

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Macrovision Corporation (NASDAQ: MVSN) today announced the latest edition of its installation authoring solution for Windows, InstallShield 2008. The new edition of InstallShield is designed specifically to help developers easily package and deliver advanced Windows Vista-based software programs, helping customers experience a smooth and reliable installation process. It meets the latest Microsoft platform requirements.

According to IDC, Windows Vista will be the fastest adopted version of Windows, with over 90 million copies of Windows Vista in place worldwide by the end of 20071. As developers ramp up software programming to meet demands from businesses eager to switch to Windows Vista, they will require a solution that will help them become more proficient in creating installation for their software programs.

InstallShield 2008 features a new digital signing tab that eliminates the hassle of signing executable files individually. It also includes the ability to help validate Microsoft Software Installers (MSIs) as per the Certified for Windows Vista Logo program requirements. These and the other features included in InstallShield 2008 help simplify the complex process of creating effective installations for software programs in today’s digital economy.

“With tools that help software vendors create setup MSIs that are compliant with the Certified for Windows Vista installation requirements, InstallShield 2008 gives software vendors confidence in targeting Windows Vista, by helping to accelerate and simplify the certification process,” said Tom Caputo, group product manager at Microsoft Corp. “Microsoft and Macrovision are continuously working together to help facilitate integration and compatibility, while maintaining ease of use.”

“Macrovision’s InstallShield 2008 streamlines the process of making installers for Windows Vista,” said Ken Steltzner, software engineer at M-Audio, a business unit of Avid Technology, Inc. “The new digital signing feature lets you easily sign all files in the installer package in one place, right inside InstallShield 2008. This feature makes it easier for us to meet the new installer requirements in Windows Vista.”

“For software providers to stay competitive installations have to work. There is no way around it. Software providers need to incorporate the latest installation advancements and ensure a reliable and intuitive experience installation experience,” said Corey Ferengul, senior vice president of product and solution management at Macrovision. “InstallShield 2008 enables companies to focus on developing their products by making it easier to rapidly deliver those new products on the latest Windows platforms.”

InstallShield is an industry standard for authoring high-quality Windows Installer and InstallScript installations with award-winning technology deployed on more than 500 million PCs worldwide. It is designed to ensure that software applications are correctly installed, configured, updated and eventually uninstalled on Windows -based desktops.

InstallShield 2008 is available today.


Anonymous said...

"According to IDC, Windows Vista will be the fastest adopted version of Windows, with over 90 million copies of Windows Vista in place worldwide by the end of 20071."

20071, eh?...well if that isn't a typo, I'm inclined to agree with them. :)

Christopher Painter said...

In the original article that's a subscript number to show a citation.

Anonymous said...

In your experience, would you say that InstallShield 2008 is ready to go? Or does it still very much feel like a Beta?

I'm somewhat concerned when I see these releases coming out so quickly!

Christopher Painter said...

I've actually been quite pleased with the direction quality has been going since the IS12 release. It's been nice to get unofficial hotfixes, and then 2 additional SP's to agree issues.

Waterflow methodologies are gone, agile is in. Frequent integration points and delivery to customers is much appreciated. I've been using IS2008 for several months now and had a chance to go up to Chicago for a few days and play with it and bang ideas around. It's been very productive.

As a side note I just upgraded my InstallShield Stand Alone build from IS12 to IS2008. I'm using Visual Studio TFS with Solution Integration. I updated my targets references in my ISPROJ files and kicked off a full salvo of builds. The projects all upgraded, build and deployed without any issues that I could find.

These install projects are n-Tier .NET apps... .NET 2.0 WinUI for the client, ASP.NET for WebServices and WebUI. They all do extensive IIS and XML locates, and updates aswell as call managed code custom actions and bootstrap various prereqs. Furthor more they support multiple instance installation so that a single server within a datacenter can run side by side websites to support multiple counties.

It's a pretty good real world test of the tool and frankly, it's looking pretty good.

The next challenge will be to see how well it behaves on Server 2008.