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March 07, 2007

Name Change to

I've been contemplating where I wanted to go with this blog for awhile now. At the same time my career has been taking me slightly away from setup authoring and back into the world of build automation. I always liked the name Hard Core Setup Engineering but I've been a little disturbed by the number of hits I get for people searching ( typically using Windows Live Search ) for the term `Hard Core`. I assure you that was not the meaning! My use of the term `Hard Core` was meant as homage to my Marine Corps day. Stefan Krueger once translated one of my articles to German and I really liked his use of the word `Uber`. Of course it seems everything he translates into German just sounds better in German!

Anyways, I've recently registered the domain and I've renamed my blog to to the same. After DNS settles down I'll finish my changes. Meanwhile, not a lot will change in the near future. I will be adding additional labels and start covering a broader range of topics including TFS, TeamBuild and MSBuild and how they relate to setup authoring. Eventually I suspect that this blog will become a small part of a larger portal. However, this will depend on how much time I can devote.

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