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January 15, 2007

InstallShield XML Changes and .NET 2.0.

There has been a bug in InstallShield that has been reported on and discussed various times on the InstallShield Community site. The bug involved the XML File Changes pattern authoring XML files as UTF-16 encoding instead of UTF-8 encoding. Personally I'd never given this bug much thought since my applications always seemed to work after installation. I'd even had a .NET developer who was far more experienced then myself look at the behavior and blow it off as `that shouldn't hurt anything.`

Well last week I noticed that a strange .NET 2.0 problem that I was having was partly caused by this behavior. It seems that the ConfigurationManager class in .NET is somewhat picky here. If I call the OpenEXEConfiguration method it will correctly load the AppSettings from an App.Config ( myapp.exe.config ) file that is authored in UTF-16/Unicode. However, when I made changes to the AppSettings and saved them back to the file, .NET would save the file in UTF-16/ANSI format. The next time I tried to call OpenEXEConfiguration the Framework would throw a Unicode exception. I'd have to open the file in Notepad and do a Save As Unicode to get it to work again.

Now I'm not the best C# developer in the world, but that seems like a bug. Why would the class save the file in a format that it can't read? Perhaps someone can explain this to me.

Now I've also noticed that if I create the XML to say the encoding is UTF-8 it always works whether it's ANSI or Unicode. The problem though was that InstallShield 12 would always write the XML changes as UTF-16.

Well, today MichaelU posted an unofficial hotfix on the InstallShield Community site. It contains an updated version of ISXmlCfg.dll that updates XML files in UTF-8. I've tested it and it solves my problem. Thanks Michael!

BTW, I couldn't help notice that the version # of the file is Hopefully we'll be seeing InstallShield 14 sometime soon. If I had to take a guess, I'd imagine that there will be a service pack to IS12 to make up for the fact that there wasn't a 12.5 and that IS 14 will be released later this spring or early summer since that's about 1 year since IS 12 was released.

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