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October 06, 2006

Vista: Winning and Losing

I've really been loving my new laptop that Cheryl gave me for my birthday. Naturally I wipped the drive them moment I got it and I decided to give Vista a try. There has been a learning curve here and there, but as we all know, struggle is critical to the path of learning.

So for the past couple of days at work I've been spending a few minutes here and there trying to get a Vista image together for testing my installations. My first road block occurred when I accidentally brought in the Feb CTP and Creative PC-DVD drive ( my Dell GX270 didn't have a DVD ) and it didn't like my RC1 product key. Then I tried to download the RC1 except the firewall and download manager wouldn't play along. Then I brought in my Vista RC1 DVD and wouldn't you know, murphy strikes again! It couldn't copy the install.wim from the disc.

I was really stuck until I figured out that I could stick the DVD in my coworkers computer and copy the sources directory to a network share and ultimatly to my second hard drive. A few minutes later I booted the Vista PE, dropped to a command prompt, switched over to the harddrive and ran setup.exe.

The windows setup is so much nicer then the old days of dropping to MSDOS and doing a winnt /b. All in all I'm VERY impressed with what I see in Vista.

I don't care what the rablle says over at SlashDot.... keep up the good work Microsoft.

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