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January 23, 2005

Request a Blog

With the holidays over I've started a new year with a fresh list of 2005 goals at work. I'm not the type of person that blogs just to blog ( If I don't post for awhile, I AM still alive! ) so here is a little place for people to request a topic for me to speak on. Meanwhile if something jumps out at me and I have the free time I'll post my thoughts.


Kerfufl said...

I saw a post on the Community where you mentioned that if you could talk to the MSI designers at Microsoft you'd have some suggestions for them.

What are those suggestions?

Christopher Painter said...

Let me start making my official list then! The obvious ones are things like have the RemoveFiles table support recursive deletes ( since - is the reserved symbol for all files in this directory how about -- for all files and directories recursive ) Or why doesn't msiexec /x support upgrade codes as an argument? Then there are integration problems like why can SMS 2003 support MSI source resilency but not MSP's?