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December 09, 2004

Welcome To Hard Core Setup Engineering

Welcome to my newly created blog. I've never had much to say on the Internet, but I realized how useful blogging with RSS was when I started keeping up on Robmen's blog. Over the last year I've tried to stay fairly active on the InstallShield Community website. My goal has always been to help developers learn new concepts, the second was to push myself to learn new concepts by exposing myself to other peoples problems. Problems that I might not have ever come across in my own day to day work. Today I'd like to start something new. I want to try to create a site where myself ( any maybe soon others ) can publish articles that go way beyond the typical newbiew "how do I" discussions. A site where we inspire people to get hard core with Software Engineering. I


Anonymous said...

you spelled newbie wrong... :-(

Christopher Painter said...

Maybe he was just a unicode NewbieW. :-)

Anonymous said...

hah hee very good :-)